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Our Values

Our mission is to make our world-class team of app developers available to entrepreneurs with groundbreaking ideas.

  • Enabling Alternative Paths to Success

    • Not every entrepreneur needs a co-founder to build their app.
    • Not every entrepreneur needs a million dollar seed round to build their app.
    • Not every entrepreneur needs to be in Silicon Valley to build their app.
    • We are here to help entrepreneurs who wish to go down a different path than the norm.
  • Providing Value through Efficiency

    • Our growth is a direct result of our client’s success. We develop partnerships and our number one priority is to provide value.
    • By structuring our process and focusing on well-defined deliverables, we can provide the expertise of a full-featured in-house team at a fraction of the cost.
    • Leveraging the best tools and technologies out there and following efficient processes we can provide cost savings that have long-term benefits rather than long-term costs.
  • Engineering Excellence

    • We will not sacrifice the quality of our software to save costs.
    • Our development is test driven, our apps are continuously integrated and all our code is peer-reviewed.
    • We plan ahead, modularize efficiently, and simplify everything.

Our Experience

Our experience as a team comes from the combination of individuals with reputable credentials, extensive Silicon Valley experience, and non-traditional paths to technology. The motivation behind this approach and the best example of it in practice is our founder’s story. Having dropped out of high school to independently learn Computer Science, she then went on to graduate with a Computer Science degree from Stanford University. This combination of experiences in our team enables us to be innovative, high achieving, and inclusive in unique ways.

We have experience working with big corporations in the US (Coca-Cola) and abroad (Banco Popular), big tech companies (Facebook, Microsoft), and venture-backed startups (Kapor Capital, Backstage Capital). We have founded startups that raised VC money (NEA) and built products that went on to be accepted by prestigious accelerators (Y Combinator). We have created software solutions using almost every major web and mobile framework out there, and we have never ceased to expand our skills with new technologies and capabilities.


Our Expertise

Technology is our expertise, our practices and technologies focus on delivering quickly without ever sacrificing quality. Our services are modularized, our architecture is serverless, our development is test driven, our code is peer-reviewed, and our development/production environments are dockerized and continually integrated and delivered.

We Build: Using: We don’t build:
Web Application JavaScript (Node/React) Games
Mobile Application React Native (iOS/Android) Internet of Things
Website Python Blockchain
Frontend Prototype Swift (iOS) Virtual Reality
Backend Service Vanilla HTML/CSS Augmented Reality


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