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Our Founder

Education: Stanford University Computer Science B.S.

Work Experience: Facebook, Microsoft, Good Eggs, NEA Backed Startup

Favorite Technologies: Python, Node.js, Swift, AWS, and React.js

Personal Milestones:

  • Launched first mobile app in 11th grade.

  • Recipient of NCWIT National Aspirations in Computing award.

  • Hired to build custom software by Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Banco Popular, and Motorola by age 18.

  • Placed out of the first year of Computer Science courses at Stanford.

  • Worked at Facebook at age 19.

  • Named as one of Business Insider’s 12 of the most impressive students at Stanford right now.

  • Passed ont the opportunity to work at Google as a Software Engineer out of undergrad to accept Venture Capital funding by NEA to build a social media app.

  • Started Get It Built to help entrepreneurs build their dreams.

Our Values

Our mission is to make our world-class team of app developers available to entrepreneurs with groundbreaking ideas.

  • Enabling Alternative Paths to Success

    • Not every entrepreneur needs a co-founder to build their app.
    • Not every entrepreneur needs a million dollar seed round to build their app.
    • Not every entrepreneur needs to be in Silicon Valley to build their app.
    • We are here to help entrepreneurs who wish to go down a different path than the norm.
  • Providing Value through Efficiency

    • Our growth is a direct result of our client’s success. We develop partnerships and our number one priority is to provide value.
    • By structuring our process and focusing on well defined deliverables, we can provide the expertise of a full-featured in-house team at a fraction of the cost.
    • Leveraging the best tools and technologies out there and following efficient processes we can provide cost savings that have long-term benefits rather than long-term costs.
  • Engineering Excellence

    • We will not sacrifice the quality of our software to save costs.
    • Our development is test driven, our apps are continuously integrated and all our code is peer-reviewed.
    • We plan ahead, modularize efficiently, and simplify everything.

Some of Our Apps

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