How We Build Apps

An inside look at how we do our thing.


We provide technical services that help you move forward with your idea. Here is how we do it.

For context, you can learn about the process of building apps, the importance of an app architecture, and how to think about the cost of apps.

Our Process

Every entrepreneur has a different story. We have organized the process of building apps in a flexible way that allows early-stage entrepreneurs to make meaningful progress towards building their apps without having to hire a development team on day one.

Step 1: Stage & Needs

We first determine our starting point. Do you need our help in the scoping, architecture, or development stage?

  • Scoping — What are we building?
  • Architecture — How are we building it?
  • Development — Building it!

Step 2: Questionnaire & Proposal

We create a proposal from your haves, wants, and needs. The requirements for an architecture proposal are sufficient scoping materials, and for development is a detailed architecture. We create a proposal for one phase at a time.

Step 3: Onboarding & Deliverables

At this stage, we have everything we need to get started. We are aligned on the deliverables, cost, and timeline. And we get to work!

Step 4: Feedback & Next Steps

Before moving on to the next phase, we launch our deliverables to collect feedback from users, investors, and other stakeholders. Our goal is to take things one well-defined step at a time until we have a successful product. This looks like either a transition into a full-time in-house team or a product that needs part-time support from us.

Our Services

Scoping Architecture Development
Before the first line of code is written we figure out what we are building and for who. Once we know what we are building we can decide the technical aspects of the build. With the details of the MVP defined, we can put our team together and get it built.

User Interviews Database Schema/ERD Frontend
Brainstorming Sessions Servers & Services Backend
Features Lists for MVP Tools & Technologies Mobile
Wireframes Integrations Integrations
Style Guide Algorithms Hosting
Mockups Engineering Tasks DevOps
Clickable Prototype Quality Assurance
Landing Pages Data Analytics
Beta List

Product Manager Product Manager Tech Lead
Architect Architect Developers
Designer DevOps
Quality Assurance

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